Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adios Amigos!


So, I have an announcement. Are you listening?

I've been blogging for a WHOLE year, but I decided I'm gonna do other stuff now. There's a whole big world out there (have you SEEN the deer??)!

I'll still be posting on my Facebook page, so be sure to check me out. There's a video of me bouncing off the furniture that everyone seems to like.

AND there will be more pictures like this:

Mama says I should thank all of you for playing with me this year. Now come here so I can give you a lick!


Adam said...


I'll miss ya, Owen!

Well, kinda. I'm on your FB after all. ;)


June Kramin said...

*sniff* I feel like we just broke up! I'll just have to come visit you soon! See you on FB!

Beth Bartlett said...

You'll be able to chase more squirrels with all that free time! See you on FB! *belly woogie*

Amy Mullis said...

I remember when you were just a puppy and too little to compose even a sentence. See you on FaceBook. Now you'll have lots of time to play in the snow!

Nadine said...

I miss you already! But I'll see you on Facebook!

Owen said...

Thanks everyone! It's been a lot of fun and I'm so happy you all like my stories.

There's already a new story on facebook about the snow yesterday!

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