Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Remember when I told you about this lady I met who was really nice and I was really excited to see?

What do you mean that sounds like everyone I meet?

THIS lady is REALLY nice and we went to see her! Mama and I were in the car forever but when we got there the lady had TWO presents for me. There was a weird squeaky moany toy that bounced around, and a stuffed bear! He was lots of fun, but mama kept telling me I couldn’t eat his eyes. What else is a bear for?

Then another lady came over and all three of them sat in front of a glowy box, so that part wasn’t very much fun.

After that we got in the car again and visited ANOTHER lady, but this lady had two little boys!! They ran ALL over the yard with me and threw a ball and a frisbee and I don’t remember much after that because I slept until the next day.


Adam said...

That sounds awesome, Owen! :D


Bear eyes should be saved until last. ;)


June Kramin said...

Awww.... It's awesome having boys to play with!!