Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Most Delectable Delight

(I don't know what that means -- I read it on a t-shirt someplace.)

Have you ever had a rope? It's my favorite toy ever.

True, I love the ones that squeak (I mean, how could you not?) but this one lets me get ferocious! Grr!


Adam said...

(I want the t-shirt)

My Poppy has a rope too. She lurves it! :-)

Dream just watches her daughter play, probably thinking, "Why bother?"

*Cuddles and tug o' war*


Penguin said...

And it helps keep your teeth clean.

Owen said...

Adam, ropes are the best! Penguin is the one who first told mama to get it for me!

Nadine said...

Yum for rope!