Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

So you know I like socks, right? And that I'm not supposed to chew on them.

Well why would mama put socks on her hands? It's like she's trying to torture me!

No biting fingers.
No chewing socks.
No chewing socks on fingers.



Anonymous said...

Your mama needs help. I would suggest that you start saving some bones to afford this, since she obviously will not get it herself. It may take years for her to understand that socks are for feet, not hands.
Your not alone. I know another mama that is very close to the nut house too.
Good luck Owen.
Mr. Owl

Penguin said...

Wow Owen, she is gonna make you into a well behaving dog yet.
Don't worry, you will like it. You will get to meet all sorts of people and see new places if you behave.

Janna Qualman said...

Confusing is what that is! ;)

Penguin said...

Oooooh, Owen, she left one out.
She didn't tell you no chewing on socks while on feet.

June Kramin said...

Do these socks have five points to them? I think your mom needs to give you new rules for gloves, baby.
(Auntybug will buy you socks with toes if you get the OK) ;)

Owen said...

She did say something about gloves...