Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Got a Coat!

I wasn't really sure how I felt when mama pulled out my latest present -- well, after I tried to chew on it, of course -- but it's not so bad. It keeps me warm while we play outside in the snow, and I think it looks pretty cool.

Best of all it looks like a cape!

In case you follow me in a reader, come look at the blog. I have a new picture!

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Melissa Hollern said...

Pretty cunning there, Owen! I'd be proud to be saved by Super Owen!

Owen said...

Thanks! It's super fun to run around in it!

Anonymous said...

Very stylish, Owen!


Owen said...


Penguin said...

Alright Owen, now you can roll around in that wonderful snow you got and not have to worry about getting very cold.
Plus if you get running and turn over on your back you can slide across the snow.

June Kramin said...

Cool, Owen!!!

I love the new header!

Owen said...

Penguin, that's an awesome idea!

Thanks Bug!