Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Don't Care What You Say, I Know That's Not a Treat

For the past two weeks my mama keeps tackling me, pinning me to the ground, then shoving a little white thing down my throat. I've tried a zillion times to ask her WHY she keeps doing it, but then she distracts me with cuddles and I forget about it.

Until she does it again.

Sometimes she makes grampa and mamama help, and last night she tricked me and threw it down my throat while I was trying to play.

The nerve!


june said...

Ask her to put it in cheese :) Uh... guess I shouldn't have told you that!pl

Nadine said...

Tell your mama that you want a small ball of peanut butter instead of the white pill. Much yummier!

Owen said...

I think they put it in my banana. I didn't mind that so much.

I like the peanut butter idea! I'll have to tell her to do that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it makes you better if that is possible! Oh and found out you met the neighbor and visited his house. I think you want to do more exploring there.

Adam said...

Tell her you want a ratio of ten snausages to every one pill. ;)