Thursday, May 20, 2010

Or Then I Sing?

Mama has been really annoying lately. She keeps dragging boxes into MY room, then throwing things all over MY couch. She says she's doing something with some organs or something... I don't know, I stopped listening when FOUR pairs of socks hit the floor.

She finally made a space for me on the couch. It took several tries for her to get the hint -- I kept jumping on the couch then lifting my legs daintily like I wasn't quite sure where to rest them, and she FINALLY moved a pile. Sheesh, woman.

I should cut her a little slack though. She did let me sleep while she watched a movie.


Adam said...

Look at all those toys! In neat piles, just waiting for your teeth... ;)



JLC said...

You haz a Canada Shirt? I thought you come from Mexico?

Penguin said...

It is called Nizing the organs, it is something humans do often.
They keep all the stuff they have in places they can remember.

Owen said...

Adam, I've been really good. *doesn't mention the four pairs of wool socks I've claimed as my own*

I think the Canada shirt is my papa's.

Penguin. Srsly. You know everything.

Nadine said...

Love the picture of you sleeping!! So cute!!