Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Woman is Crazy

She keeps saying she's throwing something, but I think she's nuts. I'll play along because she IS the one who feeds me (except for when grampa and mamama fill my bowl) but can you please talk to her?


Adam said...

Owen, you need to come teach my pooch Dream to play like that. :-)



june said...

Owen! What a great imagination! Who needs a penguin? *snickers*

JLC said...

Too cute, Owen!! Now you need to turn around and kick some grass back at Mel and watch her chase after it. ;)

Nadine said...

Owen, she's throwing a magic ball. Next time play along and bring it back to her. Or, even better, start barking at something that isn't there and make her keep looking. Now that would be fun!

Owen said...

Adam, bring her over!

June, I need my penguin. He's my favorite and he has a string on top of his head so I can carry him around.

JLC, do you think she would?

Nadine, I already do the barking thing, 'cept usually I howl. Lot's and lots. But now she keeps asking me about Timmy and if he's trapped in the well. Who's Timmy?