Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Have a Plan

I've decided that if my mama thinks she can just up and leave any old time she wants, then I'm not going to leave her side.


Depending on what she's doing it can be a little tricky to hang on to her, but it's been cold out so that means she's wearing pants. Easy. When she's sitting I just hang on to her arms or ankles. The best is when she lies down because then I can grab onto her ears. Those things are MADE for puppy teeth! They even have crunchy things on the bottom, but mama really hollers when I try to eat those.

She still keeps slipping out for work, but I've got her covered the rest of the day.


Nadine said...

Don't worry Owen, even if she goes away, she'll always come back. She lurves you!

Adam said...

Crap in ALL her shoes. That'll show her you love her AND stop her from leaving the house, unless she wants to go barefoot. ;)


Penguin said...

Or chew them up, that works also.

Melanie Avila said...

Boys you are not helping!!

Adam said...

Quick, while she's online and distracted! Crap away!



Penguin said...

Sorry Owen, don't listen to your mom on this one.
You really say I love you when you chew up her most favorite pair of footwear.
I know this, my boys did it to me.

Mamama said...

Owen, if you listen to these naughty boys, be sure you don't chew up Grampa's or Mamama's shoes. This only applies to Mama.

Owen said...

*is confused*


Nadine said...

Owen, when in doubt, don't chew anything. Maybe just lots of licks.