Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Sit Manly

Mama is always trying to teach me new things and her latest is something called "sit pretty."

*looks around*

I don't know about you, but sitting pretty is not something I'm very excited about. Oh, I lift my front feet off the ground and sit straight up for her -- I DO get a treat yanno -- but I don't like it.

Like just now. She told me to sit pretty and dangled a four-inch piece of jerky in front of my nose. What was I supposed to do? I sat back, waggled my feet at her and cocked my head and she went crazy.


That woman is weird.


june said...

pssttt.... Owen. I coulda told ya that ;)

Just do as she says, dude. Think "reward". It'll pay off in the end. Trust me.

Abby said...

It's all for the jerky! Four inches is nothing to sneeze at ;)

AvDeeBee said...

We all have our hoops to jump through to get what we want, Owen. Stay strong for the payout!

Penguin said...

You really need to learn the system Owen.

Act like you don't care or don't want, that will make her give you more treats.
And if you forget how to do it, you have to re-learn and that means, more treats.
Ya, gotta keep'em trained I tell ya.

Nadine said...

Sitting pretty for jerky, sounds good to me!

Owen said...

Hmm... I do like the idea of MORE treats.

*tries to forget everything*