Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Obedience School Thing Isn't So Bad

My first obedience school class was last night. I was nervous about it and didn't really know what to expect, but then mama left without me!

I was sure that all this talk about me learning to stop jumping and biting and sitting when I'm supposed to (I do sit most of the time, I just don't stay there very long) made me think that I'd be going to the classes, but maaaaaaybe this class is really for people.

I knew there was nothing wrong with me. It's all her!


Penguin said...

Obedience classes are for both people and dogs, it is a learning process for both. She learns what you should and should not do and why you do the things you do. And you get to learn how to interact with all sorts of people, not just dog lovers.

Owen said...



So I'm still gonna have to go?

Nadine said...

I can't wait to see video of you doing your tricks!

batyler65 said...

Think of all the fun things you will learn together. Plus, you might make some more dog friends. Then you can all wait until the owners are out of the house and you can get together and p-a-r-t-y!

Just don't invite my dogs. They are grounded for grinding kibble into the carpet.