Saturday, March 20, 2010


That's you, right? Mama says you're my friends and that I should thank you for listening to me go on and on about the silly things in my yard. And the house. And my mouth.

Thank you!

I don't spend very much time on the computer -- although I have finally figured out that the weird booping noise is my papa calling -- so I don't know if there are other puppies out there on the internet. Do you know if there are blogs or websites that I should check out? Maybe someplace I can make more friends?


Adam said...

You're welcome, lil buddy!

*Scratches between your ears.*

I'm sure there are other pups out there. Just be careful of the one named Haggis... ;-)


Jerry said...


I found a site you might enjoy: It looks like you'd meet lots of friends there.

A pug named Peanut has started a diary, but he only has one entry so far. Maybe you can teach him about blogging.

Have a good day and tell your Mom it's time for a treat. Does she keep a jar of Milk Bones on the kitchen counter? That's what we have at my house. I'm headed there right now.

Your friend,

TTboy said...

=Hey Owen!

I follow a little guy named Baxter who gets into all kinds of fun stuff. Check him out at He's a Tibeta Terrier just like me.

By the way, I overheard my Mom saying that she and Dad are going to Zihua next month and I'm going to stay with Uncle Bill. Whats with THAT! I think I would like Zihua and I could say Hi to you Pappa too! Boy, Moms and Dads can be so mean sometimes!

Ooh! Gotta go - the cat needs chasing!

Your friend,

Taj the Tibetan Terror

Owen said...

Hi Jerry! I think I found Peanut but I don't know how to do anything there. We don't have a jar, but they have lots of treats in the cupboard. My grampa gets mad when I jump on him when he's there, but sometimes he needs encouraging to get me one!

Hi TTboy! You're going to Zihua? Tell my papa hi!!!

I got my mama to follow your blog but she doesn't know if I'm ready to have a 'count on another website.

Nadine said...

Wish I had some suggestions for you, but unfortunately I don't. Hope you can find some more online friends soon!