Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Think She Needs to Stop Eating Sugar

I don't know what she's all excited about now, but there's talk of something called a CAKE so I think I'll stick close to her until I find out what it is.


papa said...

Don't forget to wish happy birthday to your mama,son.

Erica said...

Awesome pic! Tell your mama Happy Birthday for me ;o) Hope you get to try some of that cake ;o)

Adam said...

Bloody hell, Owen! You're HUGE!



PS - You'll like cake.

Owen said...

It's her birthday? Oh..... this cake thing smells really good but all she gave me was some lettuce.

Adam, maybe I shouldn't eat the cake then?

Nadine said...

Yay for cake! But Owen, you wouldn't like it. "But you can have the rest of my milk..."