Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Yard of My Very Own

Remember that hole in the wall that I told you about? Well now I understand what it's for. See, the big guy put these white boards around the grass and now they let me run around all by myself!

My mama plays with me in there, and so does grampa AND gramma. She throws the frisbee to the other end of the yard and last night she even ran back and forth with me. This is so much better than the hard roof that I used to have to play on.

The best part about playing frisbee is when they try to get it away from me. I run circles around them so fast that they eat my dust! Although maybe I should give it back so they can throw it.


Here's me and mama playing this afternoon. She told me to tell you that she threw the frisbee better in another video, but I wasn't as cute in that one. Then she said something about taking one for the team. I didn't know we were on a team.



june said...

Oh... to have your energy pooch! Very nice of your grandparents to build you a fence :D

Laurie said...

gggrrr...you get that frisbee, Owen! You show him who's boss!

Missy said...

My mom (Angie) says not giving the Frisbee back is called "Keep-away." This is my favorite game, too, but it's more fun if you can get your mom to chase you and try to take it away. You gotta let her catch you sometimes, though, or she'll quit playing (at least my mom does, the lazy thing).

Wags and butt-sniffs to you.


Avery said...

Mamma was only saying that; she probably throws like a girl. : 0

Nadine said...

Wow, that is so cool that they put up a fence for you!

Owen said...

June, people say that to me a lot.

Laurie, I brought it inside a little while ago but they didn't want to play on the carpet. Something about dirt...

KEEP-AWAY! That's perfect! And I know what you mean about them being lazy. A couple laps around the yard and they get tired.

Avery, I think you might be right.

Nadine, it's GREAT! There's this green wire so I can't get through the white part, but why would I? This is fun!