Friday, March 19, 2010

MORE People

Phew! Sorry it's been so long -- mama wouldn't get off the computer. Something about an outline... I don't know. Every time she says 'out' I run to the door so I don't really hear the rest of what she says.

The house got busy this week! When I was still with my papa I met this guy who rubbed my ears and tasted pretty good, and after mama and I went for a really long ride in the refrigerator we saw him! And this other guy was there -- one I met in the middle of the night after my plane ride. I still don't understand how they know each other, but now the first guy is LIVING with us!

He keeps telling me to get down and making me sit -- all things my papa would NEVER make me do -- but he did give me some of that cake, so he can stay.


JLC said...

Mmmm..... cake.

Gary Hooyenga said...

Yeah cake and if you hang around my house I'm claiming you! If I got to build you a fence a dog door plus be attentive then your going to end up being adopted.

Owen said...

The cake was really good!

Hey! I know you! *snuffles*

*runs off to ask mama what adopted means*

your papa said...

I'm very glad they treat you well son. I'm sorry i didn't educate you so well and now you are having to deal with tha' sit and stay thing.I'll e good for you though.

hugs and Kisses for my little baby.. snif..I miss you sooo much.:)

Owen said...

Papa, it's okay. It makes them happy to think they teach me anyway.

Nadine said...

How fun that you got cake! It looked really good!