Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And Now I Get Big Boy Food?

Mama came home with a different kind of food last night. It looks kinda the same as what I normally eat, except she said it's for big boys.

*prances about*

I wonder why the pieces are smaller then? Either way, she says it's for dogs that have "high energy" so I guess it'll make it easier for me to leap across the furniture.

As if I need help.


Adam said...

Hey boy! Look how much you've grown since I've been away!

*Big boy cuddles*

I'm so proud of ya, dude. ;)


Penguin said...

Just make sure she mixes them.
If you do a quick switch you might just end up with the squirts.

Owen said...

*pounces on Adam*

Where have you been??

Penguin, she mixed some last night but the rest was already gone. I have squirted anything yet so hopefully that means I'm okay.

Adam said...

*Wrestles with Owen*

I was visiting my sweetie and her cat in Canada! You'd like the kitty, Charlie. He's awesome. ;-)


Owen said...

A kitty? The ones at the vet seem like fun, but mama won't get me one.

Nadine said...

Yay for new food!

So, has it given you more energy?

Owen said...

I don't know, but my farts sure are stronger!

Nadine said...