Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Don't Think They Mean Ice Cream

Last night they were talking about a cone and wondering how I'd be able to get through my doggie door with one. Then mamama was talking about some other dog and how his cone would scoop up snow, and that sounds kind of cool.

Does this mean they're getting me a snow cone?


Haggis said...

Owen, you don't get out a lot, do you?

I believe they're planning to do something to you you'd rather not hear about. I suggest you start running now, and don't stop until you hear me tell you to.

Penguin said...

Don't worry about it.
It is a really cool thing that you wear around for a while.

Owen said...

I think I trust Haggis here.

*plans escape*

Nadine said...

Hmm... Well, maybe the cone will be a cool thing. Like a neat fashion accessory. You might dig it!