Sunday, July 11, 2010

Searching for My Roots

One of my favorite things to do also gets me in a lot of trouble: digging. In Mexico we used to go to the beach a lot and I was allowed to gigantic dig holes that were nice and cool and kept me out of the sun, but HERE I get yelled at.

Mama was on the deck over the weekend and was too busy looking at her glowy box to notice what I was doing.

Lucky for me she let me stay there since I'd already dug the hole, but when the sun chased me away she was on me like a HAWK and wouldn't let me dig another. That's okay, I'll just make another one when she goes to work.



Angie said...

Like I told your mama, she should get you your very own sandbox, so you can dig and dig as much as you want and nobody can yell at you for it. You should start pestering her for one.

Penguin said...

Tell your mama you want a chill pillow.
You will love it.
Plus then you will not have to dig deep holes to keep cool.

Owen said...

Angie, assuming a sandbox is what it sounds like, I like that idea!

Penguin, you srsly know about all the coolest stuff. But I still want to dig holes.

Nadine said...

Hmm.. That's a toughie. Maybe you can just dig one hole and stick with that one? She might not mind one hole. But several, that's trouble.