Saturday, July 24, 2010


This is my fox. I bring it to mama to SHOW her, but then she won't let go.

Okay, maybe I WANT her to do this.

Yeah, this is fun.

Do you have a fox you can chew on? I highly recommend it.


Robin said...

You're so darn cute, Owen! My dogs are too lazy to chew on toys. You're nice and peppy.

Adam said...

Dream, the mommy dog, doesn't do toys of any sort. Poppy, the psycho puppy, LOVES toys. Her favourite is her towel, which she likes to chew on and pull at.

I sometimes throw it over her head in the hopes she'll think it's night time and go to sleep. Instead, she runs into doors.

Ah well.


PS - Bitchin' fox, dude. ;)

Janna Qualman said...

I think I'll leave the foxes to you, buddy.

But now if I ever ran across a Hugh Jackman plushie...

Owen said...

How can a dog not like toys??


*squeaks toy*

Srsly. But towels are fun too. My mama yells at me when I pull on them, so the only time I get to wrestle with one is after I get a bath.

Janna, isn't that a wolverine?

Nadine said...

Sooo cute!!! You're adorable!!

Owen said...