Thursday, July 22, 2010

Consolation Prize

I got a fancy new haircut earlier this week, but no one warned me they were gonna put a BOW on me!

True, it's on the side -- not my head -- and it does look kinda jaunty, but still! A bow! Thankfully mama cut it off yesterday.

To reward me for my good behavior (Mama wasn't there so she doesn't know all the sneaky stuff I pulled with those nice ladies. But we won't tell her.) she bought me a new toy!

I learned how to catch last week and I'm getting really good, so she got me something new to catch. Look! It's a monkey!

He tastes really good and he has a little string on top of his head, just like my penguin. It's turning into a zoo here!


Abby said...

Lucky Owen! I want a monkey too!

Adam said...

Ooh, nice! ;)


june said...

Still no ladybug... *pouts*

JLC said...

Have you seen 'Best in Show'? Every time I see dog toys I think of Busy Bee.

Penguin said...

I hope this monkey is safe to play with.

Looks like you are getting a great toy collection going.

Where did you mommy take you to get clipped?

Owen said...

Bug, mama said she couldn't find a bug. But there was a zebra that she almost got before she found the monkey. And a skunk.

Best in Show? I haven't seen very many movies. I always fall asleep.

Penguin, the monkey tried to pick a fight with the penguin, but the fox straightened them both out.

I went to Harborfront Animal Hospital. Sometimes they give me shots when I'm there, but not this visit.

Nadine said...

Love the bow!! You look adorable!!