Thursday, August 19, 2010


What's your favorite breakfast food?

My meals are pretty boring. Mama gives me a scoop of these brown crunchy things in the morning and after she gets home from work, and they expect me to be satisfied with that. Ha!

I do get a lot of treats, though. Mama gives me a flake from her cereal every morning, but the BEST is when mamama gives me a chunk of her banana!


Have you HAD a banana? Nom nom nom nom nom.

I've been getting peanut butter lately too, but I think that's coming to an end. Mama's been shoving a pill in the middle, thinking she's all sneaky, but I know what's what. I just choose the peanut butter.


AvDeeBee said...

My eldest cat loves banana. He had pancreatitis last year from tainted kitty food, so he can only have prescription stuff, now. Poor guy. Eat some banana for him, will ya?

And don't mentally edit that last sentence to, "Eat him," because he's about twenty-two pounds--by far more of a bite than you can chew. Plus, he's almost fifteen. Very tough eating.

Owen said...

I'll stick with the banana. Hopefully she'll give me extra for your kitty!

Abby said...

For me, I have omelet. I don't like banana so you can have all of mine. =D

Nadine said...

Yum for bananas! I like them in my oatmeal.

As for my favorite breakfast, I'd have to go with pancakes. All the syrup - yum!!

Owen said...

I think my grampa eats omelets. Be careful though, I hear those eggs will make you sick!

Nadine, I do like syrup!

*licks nose*