Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Googly Moogly!

I have no idea what that means, but I hear my mams say it when she thinks something is really cool, so I'm using it. Anyways...

WHAT is this freezing white stuff? I keep trying to run in it but then all of a sudden I'm stuck up to my neck. Don't get me wrong -- I can get OUT, but this is nothing like the hot grainy stuff at the beach. Once I figured out that diving gets me nowhere, I tried sprinting.

Whee! I fell down, ran into my mama, and slid on my butt. Then I dove into the snowbank again. It's so much fun!

I don't like having my feet wiped off afterwards, but I do get to bite the towel, so it's not so bad.

My mama wrote about our trip on her blog so read hers too. She gets all weird when I get all the attention, so tell her I sent you.


Adam said...

Yay for Owen!!!

I love sliding on ice too. Unfortunately my back doesn't share my enthusiasm. ;)



Penguin said...

The white stuff is called snow.
And don't eat it when it is yellow, it means someone else was there before you.

A winter thing to do:
Just before you go back into the house, roll around in the white snow, then run into the house really fast and shake real hard.
Snowing indoors.....Yea what fun!!!

Natasha Fondren said...

Aww! You're a lucky one, Owen! I sorta miss the snow!

Erica said...

So funny! Enjoy it boy - there's plenty to go around ;o)

Glad to hear you're having a good time! Hopefully we can meet one of these days ;o)

gypsyscarlett said...

Have fun, Owen!

Owen said...

Adam, I keep falling down but it's so FUN!

Penguin, I tried the rolling and shaking thing and it makes my mama screech like a chicken -- nononononono!

Natasha, I don't know why we didn't have this at home.

Erica, so the snow will be here forever?

Thanks Gypsy!

Nadine said...

Owen, I love the expression great googly moogly! I think I need to use that from now on!

Enjoy the snow!!