Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's a Pigeon?

I don't get out of the house very much because mama says the other dogs in our neighborhood will get me sick. Sometimes papa brings me to the beach, but mostly I just hang out on the roof.

There isn't much up there. A lot of concrete and these two giant black things that make whooshing sounds. I try to drink the water around the bottom of them, but mama always yells at me to stop. I like to stand at the edge of the roof behind the black things and watch the people in the neighborhood, but she really yells when I do that.

Every now and then these gray things sit on the wall that runs around the edge of the roof. At first I thought they were just part of the wall, then one day they jumped from the edge AND STAYED IN THE AIR! I wish I could do that!

I also wish I'd stuck around long enough to see how they did it but they scared me so bad I ran back to my mama. What? I'm still tough, I just needed to make sure they weren't gonna get me.

They gray things have figured out that I can't catch them so now they just sit on the wall and stare at me. Yesterday I tried to bark at them but I might have been a little nervous and my throat was kinda dry so I barely made any noise. I looked back at my mama to see if I was doing the right thing, and she nodded at me, so I tried again.

They still didn't move.

What do you think I should do? My reputation as a tough guy is at stake here.


Natasha Fondren said...

HAH! I'll let you in on a secret: the louder you bark, the less mean you have to be. It's a matter of sound. If you're loud, others will think you're HUGE and SCARY and THE ONE NOT TO MESS WITH.

I live across from a dog walk, and I once saw a three-and-a-half-foot giant dog cower to a tiny 6-inch yapper.

Those pigeons are TOAST!

Adam said...

I agree with Nat; give it yer all, sweetie!

*Tickles belly.*


Melissa said...

Bark, then growl baby boy. Growl like the wind! ;)

Tell your mama the mule and I say, "hi".

Owen said...

So I just have to bark LOUDER? Okay, I can do that! Or maybe I'll bring my favorite squeaky toy. That's pretty loud.

*wags tails*

Mel, I'm still working on my growl. I never get mad enough. :D

Anonymous said...

Owen, I think you need to meet Haggis...maybe momma can arrange a play date? ;D

JLC said...

Just wait until those pigeons land on a power line.

Owen said...

Pat, she told me about him but he sounds scary. And I don't wanna mess with anyone with a bigger beard than me,

JLC, I heard something on the street about that...

Nadine said...

Owen, you tell those birds who is boss! They'll learn not to mess with the Owenmeister. :)