Friday, February 26, 2010

What Are Opposable Thumbs?

My friend Adam -- the guy who gives the best tummy rubs -- gave me an award! I don't know what scribbling is but I love treats, so thanks.

I'm supposed to tell you ten things about me.

1. My fur is really soft but I don't like to be brushed. I guess I have good genes.

2. I love socks. Seriously. Can't have enough socks. Especially if they're dirty.

4. I have a brother and a sister but I haven't seen them in AGES.

3. My mama taught me how to shake, but I don't really understand why. It's not like I'm interviewing people.

6. My papa disappeared.

9. I don't let my mama out of my sight, but she's still left me alone a couple times and I panic because what if she disappears too?

5. I can run really fast love to sprint and run circles around people.

7. I went on my first plane ride this week. I was pretty scared and it was REALLY loud, but my crate kept me safe.

8. I LOVE bananas. And peanut butter. It drives me crazy when mama eats them together. It's like my head is gonna explode.

10. Once I get to know you I like to put my butt in your face. Isn't that how everyone makes friends?

Adam said I'm supposed to no-mi-nate people, but I don't know what that means so I'm just gonna tell you some of my friends. Janna and Avery and Erica and Natasha and Nadine and Lisa.

There's a picture too but I can't sit still long enough to figure it out.


Lisa Marie Miles said...

Aw, thanks Owen! I like peanut butter and bananas, too. But I don't make friends by putting my butt in their faces. At least not female ones. (I hope that went over your head, Owen, sorry!)

Adam said...

Good boy, Owen!!!

*Tummy rubs.*

It's funny, when I throw socks at your mama, she doesn't like it. Maybe she should pass them on to you to play with. :)


Owen said...

Lisa, I put my butt in boys AND girls faces.

Adam, don't waste your socks on her. She doesn't get it.

Natasha Fondren said...

Awww! Mama's not going to disappear. And I hear Papa wants very much to be with you.

You were very brave on the plane!

*scratches behind your ear*

Owen said...

*snuffles Natasha*

Nadine said...

Owen, I love how you numbered them!!

((hugs)) You are just too cute!!