Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Grampa's always telling me that I'm not a good guard dog because I get so excited when people come over (people are EXCITING!) but LOOK!

I went outside to play with my frisbee and there was an INTRUDER! A smelly bloody intruder!

Okay, I think it might have already been dead by the time I got there, but still.

I saved them ALL.


Janna Qualman said...


You're a hero, Owen.

Carole Lee said...

That's outstanding, Owen. Good boy!

Just don't get too close.

Lyra said...

Just watch behind you so you don't end up a zombie dog.

Adam said...

You got her good, Owen! :D



Avery said...

Don't put undead things in your mouth! You don't know where that's been.

Penguin said...

Great job Owen.

Nadine said...

Owen, you caught one!! That is awesome!! Good boy!! Careful when pulling though - zombies can lose arms and legs really easily.

Erica Chapman said...

LOL! Good boy *hands treat off*

Owen said...

*looks around*

I don't know what to do first! Do I pull its legs off? Do I stay away?

*sniffs around*

I think I'll chew on its foot.

Adam said...

Just don't mess up its awesome hair, k? ;)

*Cuddles 'n hugs*