Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Tell Me

Is there anything you want to know about me? I talk about the stuff that happens around here, but I know there's lots more I could tell you.

Do you have questions? Are you curious about anything? Do you know how I should deal with the dogs across the grass that bark at me whenever I go outside?

Oh, that's a question for you. Well, if you could just tell me, then I'll answer your questions in more posts.



Nadine said...

Owen, I want to know how you are spending your days now that your mom is at work.

Adam said...

Owen, how much training does it take to be bendy enough to lick--

Wait, never mind.

Owen, how do you maintain such a healthy coat and teeth?



Owen said...

These are good questions! I'll write about them soon.

Jerry said...

The way to deal with the dogs barking at you is simply to bark back at them. They are just saying, "Hey, what's up? Any good food at your house?"

I learned that if I talk back to the dogs across the pond long enough, my mom gets annoyed with the chatter, brings me in the house and gives me a cookie. It's become part of our morning routine.

Your friend,