Monday, April 12, 2010

My Day

Nadine wanted to know what I do all day now that my mama keeps leaving me (we'll talk about THAT another time). My grampa plays with me some, but he keeps telling me to entertain myself. The trouble is, it's hard to play by myself.

My friend Penguin told my mama to get me a rope and it was a GREAT idea! I love playing tug-tug and whipping it all over the house, but it's no fun without someone to play with. I poke it and bite it, but it just lays there.


Nadine said...

That's fun that you have the rope! And that grandpa plays with you some. I suggest watching the birds through the windows and your mom will be home every day before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what your complaining about, I played with you a lot even with a bum knee. You even slept in my bed a no no with mama and grandma. What, freedom to play in your own fenced in yard built just for you isn't adequate. Well!

june said...

I think maybe it's time to have that "little brother or sister" talk with your mom. Or mayhaps a kitten of your own for company. I can help you with the latter in a couple weeks :D

Adam said...

If you hold it loosely on one end and whip it hard, it'll fly!



Penguin said...

Not to mention if you get good at tossing it in the air, you can cause it to knock things over when you want them.

Getting any ideas yet where that talent could be useful?

If you want more things to do during the day, go outside and lay very very still, the birds and squirrels will start to get used to you and will come closer. The trick is to do this for several days, then when they get used to you being there you can chase after them and maybe catch them.

Good luck, and always have fun.

Owen said...

Nadine, I DO watch the birds! They're much more interesting than those stupid pigeons.

Grampa! What's adequate? Is that like those stone things that carry water?

June, I like things that are smaller than me. Is a kitten the same thing as a kitteh?

Adam, I figured it out!!

Penguin, mama knocks things over sometimes when she throws it in the house, so maybe I can copy her. I like your plan for sitting still, but I don't know if I can for that long. There's SO MUCH to see!

your papa said...

I wish I was there to play with you all you wanted :(, as we used to do everyday at home. you have no idea how much I miss you sweet little fur ball grace of god.that's if god exists otherwise grace of creation.
sit tight, I will be there with you to play all just like the good old days. I hope in the near future son.